Apart from propolis bee combs can give various items in centrifuge. Some of them are complete rubbish, the others can make you rich in no time.

Name of drop Comb needed to obtain % chance
Rotten flesh Rotten comb 80
Bone meal Skeletal comb 80
Coal dust Fossilised comb 50
Milkdew Milky comb 100
Juicy drop Fruity comb 100
Nutdew Seedy comb 100
Redstone dust Glowing comb 100
Redstone dust Static comb 75
Sticky resin Amber comb 50
Energy drop Static comb 100
Iron grains Iron comb 100
Gold grains Golden comb 100
Copper grains Copper comb 100
Tin grains Tin comb 100
Silver grains Silver comb 100
Uranium ore Radioactive comb 50
Clay dust Clay comb 80
Red mushroom Fungal comb 75
Brown mushroom Fungal comb 100
Rubber Latex comb 100
Slimeball Mucous comb 75
Blaze powder Blazing comb 100
Coffee powder Coffee comb 75
Obsidian dust Shadow comb 75
Lead grains Leaden comb 100
Zinc grains Zinc comb 100
Titanium grains Titanium comb 100
Thungsten grains Thungsten comb 100
Platinum grains Platinum comb 100
Lapis lazuli Lapis comb 6 items
Emerald fragment Emerald comb 100
Ruby fragment Ruby comb 100
Sapphire fragment Sapphire comb 100
Diamond fragment Diamond comb 100
Tinted honey Tinted comb 100
Nickel grains Nickel comb 100
Saltpeter Unstable comb 100
Compost Decomposed comb 100

These 38 items can be obtained right in the centrifuge. But most of them look useless at first. They need to be crafted or squeezed into the items you can use.

Can be squeezed to get 200 mb of Milk

Juicy drop
Can be squeezed to get 200 mb of Fruit Juice

Can be squeezed to get 200 mb of Seed oil

Tinted honey
Can be squeezed to get 200 mb of Honey

Energy drop
5 of these in X shape together with 4 honey drops in O shape can be crafted in 1 Depleted Honey Crustal.

Grains of any metal
4 of these (shapeless) can be crafted into 1 dust of their metal.

Fragments of any gem
6 of these (shapeless) can be crafted into 1 gem.

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