Combs are main products bees can give you. The only way to use combs is to put them in centrifuge, so they can give you various items. The list of the items they can give can be viewed here and here.

Different types of bee combs are produced by different bees. Also bees of one type can produce different ammount of combs per limited time. This happens because of the genome Speed.
Each genome acts as a multiplier, where Slow Speed is 0.8x , Normal Speed is 1.0x and Fast Speed is 1.2x.

Howewer, you can increase or decrease this time by modifying your bee.

But sometimes the same bees with the same genome can give different ammount of combs in the same time. This happens because of the percentage chance of the certain comb to appear in every production tick. Time between production ticks can be changed depending of the Speed genome. So, if you want combs to appear faster, try to get the bee with the highest chance of production and modify it with Fast Speed genome. While time between production ticks is the same to all bees with the same Speed genome.

Almost all bees have 2 types of combs in production list, one - main comb for all branch. Usually very cheap. But the other is speciality comb, one for each bee. These combs are far more valuable, howewer, their production chance is always low. Higher tier bees may have their main comb chance decreased, but they produce more of the speciality comb.

Visit also bee species to study how to obtain sertain bee.

Here is a table showing new combs Extra Bees Mod adds in the game, Bees that produce them and chance for comb to be produced in the production tick.

Combs Bees % chance
Barren Arid 30
Barren 30
Desolate 30
Gnawing 25
Decaying 30
Skeletal 30
Creepy 30
Decoposing 30
Unstable 20
Nuclear 20
Radioactive 20
Rotten Decaying 10
Skeletal Skeletal 10
Oily Oily 5
Distilled 10
Refined 10
Fossilised Fossilised 8
Tarry 10
Petroleum Refined 4
Damp Water 30
River 30
Ocean 30
Stained 30
Milky Bovine 10
Fruity Ripening 10
Fruity 20
Seedy Farmed 10
Rocky Rocky 30
Tolerant 30
Robust 30
Resilient 30
Corroded 20
Tarnished 20
Rusty 20
Leaden 20
Galvanized 20
Impregnable 20
Invincible 20
Glittering 20
Shining 20
Valuable 20
Lapis 20
Emerald 20
Ruby 20
Sapphire 20
Diamond 20
Lustered 20
Glowing Excited 10
Energetic 12
Ecstatic 20
Amber Resinous 10
Elastic 20
Static Ecstatic 8
Iron Rusty 5
Golden Glittering 2
Copper Corroded 6
Tin Tarnished 6
Silver Shining 2
Radioactive Radioactive 2
Clay River 2
Ancient Ancient 30
Primeval 30
Prehistoric 30
Relic 30
Fossiled 20
Resinous 20
Oily 20
Preserved 20
Fungal Fungal 15
Tar Tarry 7
Latex Elastic 5
Mucous Sticky 12
Blazing Volcanic 10
Coffee Caffeinated 8
Mint Minty 10
Shadow Shadowed 5
Darkened 10
Abyssmal 25
Leaden Leaden 5
Zinc Galvanized 5
Titanium Impregnable 2
Thungsten Invincible 1
Platinum Valuable 1
Lapis Lapis 5
Emerald Emerald 4
Ruby Ruby 3
Sapphire Sapphire 3
Diamond Diamond 1
Tinted Maroon 25
Nickel Lustered 5
Unstable Hazardous 12
Decomposed Decoposing 8
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