Extra Bees adds 75 new species to Forestry.


Barren Branch

Bees of the Barren Branch produce Barren Combs, which contain less honey than normal combs. This branch main use is as a prerequisite for other branches.
Product : Barren Comb

Hostile Branch

Each bee of the Hostile Branch is related to a certain mob. Their related comb contains the same item that is dropped by their related mob. Their related mob will also spawn around their apiaries, so watch out for creepers!
Product : Barren Comb
Specialty : Rotten Comb, Skeletal Comb, Powdery Comb

Rocky Branch

Rocky Bees are one of two new naturally spawning bees, and their hives are found in mountains and under the ground within the rocks. These bees produce Stony Combs with little honey, but they exhibit lots of desirable traits such as high tolerance to extreme temperatures and humidity, as well as resistance to rain and darkness.
Product : Rocky Comb

Metallic Branch

Metallic bees produce combs which contain within them small granules of certain metals. The small chance of obtaining these metals in a centrifuge means that many combs will have to be produced to make a significant amount.
Product : Rocky Comb
Specialty : Iron Comb, Tin Comb, Copper Comb, Lead Comb, Bronze Comb, Brass Comb

Precious Branch

For those who like the finer things in life, Precious bees are the answer. They produce very small amounts of precious metals, such as silver and gold.
Product : Rocky Comb
Specialty : Silver Comb, Gold Comb, Electrum Comb

Nuclear Branch

Nuclear bees are unstable both in what they collect and their genetic makeup themselves, so it is inadvisable to go near an apiary containing nuclear branch bees unless wearing apiarist clothing.
Product : Barren Comb
Specialty : Radioactive Comb

Historic Branch

Historic bees possess increasingly long life, and produce average Old Combs. Like the Barren Branch, their main purpose is to act as a prerequisite for other species and branches.
Product : Old Comb

Fossilized Branch

These bees can recreate the natural processes of fossilization, making once non renewable resources renewable, albeit in a very expensive manor. With a bit of refining even more advanced fuels can be produced.
Product : Old Comb
Specialty : Oily Comb, Coal Comb, Amber Comb, Peat Comb

Refined Branch

As stated above fossilized bees can be refined to give combs that produce a more advanced form of a fossilized resource, saving on processing time
Product : Oily Comb
Specialty : Petroleum Comb, Latex Comb, Wood Tar Comb

Aquatic Branch

Water bees spawn in hives underwater, and produce Wet Combs, which when centrifuged give Watery Propolises, which in turn can be squeezed to give water. More advanced aquatic bees also produce rarer combs. Aquatic bees never quite lose their yearning for water however…
Product : Wet Comb
Specialty : Clay Comb, Ink Sac

Saccharine Branch

For those with a sweet tooth, bees of the saccharine branch are perfect. If they are breed well enough they might even be able to keep the doctor away.
Product : Honey Comb, Sugar
Specialty : Fruity Comb

Agricultural Branch

This branch is an extension of the Agrarian branch, consisting of the farmed and rural bee. Bees of the agricultural variety are useful for producing various agricultural liquids.
Product : Wheaten Comb
Specialty : Alcoholic Comb, Milky Comb, Coffee Comb, Citrus Comb, Minty Comb

Boggy Branch

This branch is a forestry branch containing Marshy Bees, and the new members of this branch are tied symbiotically to the surrounding fungi of the swamps and marshes.
Product : Mossy Comb
Specialty : Fungal Comb

Classical Branch

Marble bees are found in Marble hives, scattered randomly around the map. They can evolve towards classical bees
Product : Honey Comb
Specialty : Royal Jelly

Volcanic Branch

Native to the Nether, these bees are similar to Sinister/Fiendish bees, and they will ignite the player if he approaches.
Product : Parched Comb, Simmering Comb
Specialty : Blazing Comb

Virulent Branch

With a venomous bite these bees don't seem like a whole lot of good, but eventually collecting these bees will pay off.
Product : Silky Comb
Specialty : Venomous Comb

Viscous Branch

Using slime they excrete these bees wrap their apiaries in thick mucous and ectoplasm to protect themselves.
Product : Silky Comb
Specialty : Mucous Comb

Caustic Branch

These high tier bees dissolve the blocks around them, but the acid that Acidic bees create will be very useful (Once I add uses for it!).
Product : Silky Comb
Specialty : Acidic Comb

Energetic Branch

Bees of the energetic branch will cause lightning to strike around them, but their glowing combs make a good source of redstone.
Product : Glowing Comb
Specialty : Static Comb

Frozen Branch

An extension of Wintry bees, this branch will evolve to produce icy propolises, which are used to give glacial water.
Product : Frozen Comb
Specialty : Glacial Comb

Shadow Branch

Thriving in the dark and bleak, shadow bees are a useful source of crushed obsidian.
Product : Shadow Comb

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