Bee produced Liquids

With Extra Bees mod you can get various liquids from bees. Liquids gained from bees usually come in propolis in the ammount of 500 mb or in liquid drops in the ammount of 200 mb. Liquids can be freed by squeezing the item-container.

Here is the table of the liquids you can get from bees, item that gives this liquid and the ammount of the liquid that can be squeezed from a single item.

Liquid Container Ammount mb
Water Watery propolis 500
Oil Oily propolis 500
Fuel Petroleum propolis 500
Creosote oil Wood tar propolis 500
Milk Milkdew 200
Fruit juice Juicy drop 200
Seed oil Nutdew 200
Honey Tinted honey 200

Honey can be also obtained by squeezing honey drops or honeydew in the ammount of 100 mb.

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