Power Consumption

Power Storage 1000 MJ
Max Input 50 MJ/t
Power Usage 2.5 MJ/t
Process Time 6 seconds
Process Power 500 MJ



Want to keep your nether bees in a tundra biome? Or let your wintry bees live in the desert? Then this machine is for you. By placing bees along with certain items into the Acclimatiser, you can slowly change their tolerances to temperature and humidity.

The below chart will tell you what causes the Tolerance for Temperature or Humidity to be changed. It should be noted that there is a low chance the species tolerance will increase, and it gets harder as the tolerance increases. * Warning*: This will change any bees that have tolerances of 1, 2, 3 etc. - be prepared to lose this.

Temperature Tolerance

Humidity Tolerance

blaze powder Raise Temp Tol.
lava containers Raise Temp Tol.
Ice Lower Temp Tol
Liquid Nitrogen Lower Temp Tol
water in containers Raise Tol.
sand Lower Tol
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