Extra Bees

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Welcome to the Extra Bees wiki, hosted by Wikidot.com. Extra Bees is a plugin for the Forestry Mod for Minecraft, and adds many new bee species, as well as a swathe of machines to store and manipulate them. Features include:

  • 91 new species of bees to breed, including 4 new native bees
  • 105 new mutations to discover
  • 56 new honey combs, each with different products
  • 11 new machines to store, study and genetically modify your bees genetics

Please note this wiki is currently a work in progress, and have patience.

These are the wiki articles:
Items, Tools & LiquidsMachinesBees

Mod Packs:

Quite a few mod packs include Extra Bees. I recommend SolitaryCraft by my good friend Haighyorkie, as it deals with the hassle of configurations and mod links, but makes you use the modder's download link. You can find it here:

Extra Bee Releases:

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